Multiple Dwellings – Margaret Street, Maylands

Pinnacle Planning was appointed to assist with a JDAP project in Maylands for 10 Apartments.

At the time, the Local Authority was in the process of amending their planning framework to reduce the ability to develop apartments at this location, and many others. This would have resulted in the Client being able to pursue only 3 townhouses, a serious reduction in the highest and best use of the site.

We educated the Client around the merits of the JDAP process, and due to the shortened, and mandated timeframes, we were able to progress the application, in advance of the regression of development density. Through our now well honed and crafted three step JDAP process, including pre-lodgement positioning and advisory, application documentation, and thorough follow up, we were able to secure an approval, and lock in the highest development potential available to the Client, for the site, in advance of the regression.


Margaret Street, Maylands



  • YEAR :
  • LOCATION : Margaret Street, Maylands
  • CATEGORY : Residential