Industrial Warehouse – Maddington Road, Maddington

Pinnacle Planning successfully obtained approval for an Industrial Warehouse redevelopment in Maddington through the JDAP. What seemed like a simple process at the onset quickly turned into a matter with several complexities, that ended up all being addressed to facilitate the approval. There were a number of site constraints, including a Composite Residential/Light Industrial zoning and a portion of the site being reserved as Local Open Space.

The site was identified by the landowner as being under-utilised, which we ascertained it was through our advisory process, so was pleasing to assist a family business grow into the future through realisation of the highest and best use of their land.

Pinnacle Planning managed the approval process, liaising with the architect during the design development stage, and a number of professional consultants. Our Office navigated a range of complex planning issues, including obtaining legal advice and developing an approach to respond to a proposed planning scheme amendment in relation to the Local Open Space.


Maddington Road, Maddington



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  • LOCATION : Maddington Road, Maddington
  • CATEGORY : Industrial