Hotel – Great Eastern Highway, Belmont

Pinnacle Planning was appointed to this significant project, that at the time of lodgement, did not include town planning as a discipline in the consultant team.

The application, given its scale was submitted as a mandatory application through the Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel. The applicant was encountering difficulties in progressing the matter with the local authority, and had a number of issues to overcome in a technical sense.

Upon appointment, we conducted a thorough review of the application, and identified a number of deficiencies in both information and strategic approach to the reduction and resolution of issues.

Initially, the remedy for this was to appoint further technical consultants, and provide detailed town planning reports on the matter, which narrowed the scope of concern.

However, the project hit unexpected delays due to a protracted rear laneway acquisition by the local authority. This led to a lengthy deferral by the JDAP, to which our office coordinated approaches to various state government agencies, which resulted in the procurement of funding for the laneway acquisition, and enabled through agreement with the local and state government, the project to proceed, and ultimately be approved.


Great Eastern Highway, Belmont


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  • LOCATION : Great Eastern Highway, Belmont
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