Grouped Dwellings – Methuen Way, Duncraig

Pinnacle Planning was appointed to assist in the subdivision, design development, and preparation and lodgement of a development application, for a grouped dwelling development in Duncraig.

Given recent rezonings in the area which increased residential densities, and draft scheme amendments before Council which proposed to reverse these rezonings, our Office was brought on board to liaise closely with the City and to navigate its evolving planning framework. Pre-lodgement meetings with the City provided direction with regard to residential density and built form, which guided revisions to the proposed plans.

The proposed design went through many iterations, including various dwelling typologies and built form outcomes such as apartments and a townhouse-apartment mix, before the current grouped dwelling design was confirmed. The proposal includes 12 two-storey townhouse-style grouped dwellings, accessed by three common property lots. We hope that this format will better meet community expectations, given the sensitive nature of infill in this locality.

Pinnacle Planning is passionate about well-designed, high quality infill projects in areas such as this which are well-suited to densification, given the site’s close proximity to Warwick train station and therefore its potential for transit-oriented development.

From an original parent landholding comprising 3 lots, we will be seeking to increase the total lot and dwelling yield to 12 through subdivision and a development application through the JDAP.


Methuen Way, Duncraig



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  • LOCATION : Methuen Way, Duncraig
  • CATEGORY : Residential,Subdivision