Change of Use – William Street, Perth

Pinnacle Planning was appointed to prepare and lodge a change of use application for part of a five-storey mixed-use building in William Street, Perth. The owner is seeking to change the current Office land use to Educational, to allow the tenancy of a vocational training institution which provides English Language and Business courses for international students.

We enjoyed the opportunity to assist our Client in navigating the many planning issues which can arise from changes of use, in order to contribute to the diversity of this vibrant part of our city. Our detailed application analysed the internal and external impacts generated by the nature of the proposed land use, and clarified its impact on the wider amenity. The submission worked to relieve concerns regarding occupant capacity, acoustics and parking.

We also prepared a comprehensive Parking Impact Statement and Management Plan in order to demonstrate the acceptability of the building’s current parking provisions and management strategies. In our experience, many Councils tend to push for higher parking numbers based on peak demand and ‘worst case scenarios’, without always considering the specific circumstances and wider context. The report therefore included an in-depth assessment of the proposed tenancy’s parking demands based on its specific operations and circumstances, as well as an analysis of the provision and quality of surrounding public transport, public parking, cycling and pedestrian facilities.

The application has now been lodged with the City of Vincent, and Pinnacle Planning will be liaising closely with the City to secure a planning approval.


William Street, Perth



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