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About Pinnacle Planning

Pinnacle Planning was established in 2012 by Director, Ben Carter. The original aim and intent of the company was to provide a point of difference, which rapidly cemented itself on the premise that the Planning process is but one of a number of processes between a project’s inception to its completion.

This has led us to focus on development advisory and strategy, and ultimately, being completely effective and beneficial in our chosen sector within the Industry.


Clearly Defined Industry Position – Statutory Planners

With a background in Statutory Planning, the key focus of Pinnacle Planning is to provide professional and beneficial targeted services within the Statutory Planning space.

By focussing on statutory planning processes and working closely with Client, Consultant and Government counterparts in this space, it enables us to remain relevant with the statutory planning space in the Industry, and go far beyond simply obtaining a range of approvals for our Clients.

We thrive on solving challenging statutory town planning matters, and utilising our close relationships with Industry professionals such as Planning Specific Lawyers, and technical Consultants such as Traffic Engineers to deliver exceptional results for our Clients.

Development Advisory – A Genuine Value Adding Service Point of Difference

Whilst the primary role of Planning Consultants may be to assist with securing Planning milestones, what that approval relates to is as important as the approval itself.

Some Clients who have worked within the professional development space for a long period of time may simply require Planning expertise to secure requisite approvals. However, we frequently encounter Clients such as high net worth individuals, investors and newer developers who are referred to our business with an idea in mind with respect to the development of their landholdings or assets.

When a landholding has a range of development opportunities, the decision as to what land use and built form outcome is proceeded with is crucial. Again, for Clients not conversant with the development industry, we feel it is an incredible responsibility to ensure our efforts can be realised.

Processes such as connecting Clients with developers, development and financial feasibilities and analysing land use selection are some of the key processes in our advisory service offering. This process avoids planning approvals being secured for developments that will never get built, avoids difficult implementation processes for Clients that are not developers in their own right, and again means our services remain at all times in line with our desire to provide effective service.

Strategic Approach to Statutory Planning – Time and Money Saving

Whilst it is important to provide effective services and secure approvals and milestones that Clients can utilise, we pride ourselves on the ability to strategise an appropriate lodgement and monitoring path that secures Client focussed outcomes.

Being specialists in the statutory planning space enables us to provide clear advice as to lodgement and monitoring approaches for projects.

Again, we believe there is a strong sense of responsibility with respect to the provision of managed services, given the approach that Pinnacle Planning suggests and is endorsed by the Client has a direct correlation to the time and cost inputs required to secure Planning milestones.

Our ability to analyse a project, and rationalise that again Industry parameters such as the relevant planning requirements, recent decision making and State Administrative Tribunal rulings and positions enable us to achieve milestones in an expeditious fashion.

This includes achieving results in the SAT in the majority of instances in the first Mediation, avoiding the Tribunal at all through effective negotiations, and shortening approval timeframes by conducting Consultant based consultation. We don’t take the responsibility of being entrusted with managing a Client’s project lightly, and our way of respecting that trust is getting the job done in the quickest and most cost effective way possible.