About Us

What Makes Us Better Than The Rest

About Pinnacle Planning

Pinnacle Planning was established in 2012 by Director, Ben Carter. 

Our mission is to position your project for best chance of success, whatever it may be. We are specialists in all statutory town planning processes, and provide tailored and effective services to Private Clients navigating Local Government, State Government and the State Administrative Tribunal. 

We have an established reputation for delivering results, and achieving outcomes for our clients.

We operate primarily from referrals from repeat clients, and from trusted industry counterparts, which is a testament to our level of service. 

Deliberately Niche

With a background in Statutory Planning, the key focus of Pinnacle Planning is to provide professional and beneficial targeted services within the Statutory Planning space.

By focussing on statutory planning processes and working closely with Client, Consultant and Government counterparts in this space, it enables us to remain relevant with the statutory planning space in the Industry, and go far beyond simply obtaining a range of approvals for our Clients.

We thrive on solving challenging statutory town planning matters, and utilising our close relationships with Industry professionals such as Planning Specific Lawyers, and technical Consultants such as Traffic Engineers to deliver exceptional results for our Clients.


We have a simple and pragmatic view of difficult planning projects, because it ultimately all comes down to one thing, have we provided the basis for support for the project being pursued, and can the decision maker make a reasonable decision on this project, with the information provided to them. 

We provide highly detailed town planning submissions, and engage with some of the best and brightest Consultants in the Development Industry.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Having the knowledge to understand how to manage projects to completion, present to Local Government Councillors, other Government stakeholders, neighbours, and how to effectively mediate are all critical aspects in the delivery of our knowledge base, that delivers results to our Clients. 


You may ask why independence is important, or why we maintain this as a value and key driver of our business?

When we engage with Clients, it is always on a holistic basis, where we act essentially as project managers for the planning phase of a project. The reality is, we are regularly required to draw on the expertise of other Consultants, and technical skill sets. 

By operating on an independent basis, we are free to choose from an entire industry of consultants, and are not locked in to utilising internal divisions. We take the approach of focussing on our strengths in terms of core business activities and skill sets, and in doing so, we place the importance of the Client and their project above ourselves.