Collaborations and Connections Case Study One

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A large part of what we do on a daily basis is linking Clients with other professionals and service providers, and collaborating with such providers to help achieve client outcomes together. It is therefore, critical to have at our disposal, the best, brightest and most client focused professionals in our network.

In reality, it also makes our job much easier!

In a recent example, we were referred a Client looking to build a luxury home in Mosman Park. They had arrived at a final design, which was seriously non-compliant, and at risk of refusal. To make things worse, the Client hated the final design.

Enter Create Homes.

The fresh and dynamic team at Create have been delivering exceptional client outcomes with our Clients for some time now, but this project seriously demonstrated their level of collaboration, and client service.

As many have experienced, luxury home building in the Western Suburbs can be difficult, with a raft of planning considerations, the risk of neighbour objections, and curve balls at the eleventh hour at Council Meetings. These types of jobs can end up being more difficult than much larger commercial projects, meaning, you have to get it right.

From the start, Create collaborated with us to ensure our pre-lodgement review process was undertaken, and that the Client was educated about variations prior to submitting.

After two months of dealings with Council, and an advertising period resulting in no objections, this project was approved without requiring a Council decision.

Whilst our holistic approach, that we take with Residential, Mixed Use, Commercial and Industrial projects was in full use, it has little impact unless feedback we provide, input we have given is taken on board, and supported from the contact, through to the Client.

Importantly, the eternal temptation of “let’s see how it goes before engaging the Planner” was eliminated by Create Homes from the outset, and we believe a two month approval process and avoiding a Council determination is testament to our strategy, and their support. Defending a negative position is always more difficult than getting out in front of the issues form the start.

This support, and eventually high level design, customer service, and professionally accurate estimation, has seen this client go from being seriously unhappy, to full scale architectural re-design, planning and building approvals, and now a slab down the week before Christmas, all in 8 months.

There have been other examples of where Create Homes have given us and our Client exceptional outcomes this year, but this is one that we were particularly proud of.

We take a careful approach to recommending professionals and consultants to our Clients, as it has to help deliver the outcomes they are seeking. This is no different to when we are engaging with the best Consultants in the Industry on JDAP projects, and in essence, if you can’t get it right at the scale of project spoken of in this article, what hope is there at a much larger scale?